Our Accomplishments

On June of 2019 we involved in EIT Food Seedbed Pre-Accelerator Program.  Seedbed supports aspiring entrepreneurs to determine whether there is a market for products or services which utilise innovative agrifood technologies. During this journey we improved us a lot. 

On 19 th of September we won the RIS Innovation Prize and 10.000 € among the other 15 finalists at the competition organized by EIT Food Organization. This is our first professional investor presentation and also first prize.

At the end of Seedbed pre-accelerator programme we presented whole Windagrotech improvements and how we contribute to clean energy. On 13 th of November, we won the 20.000 € prize of EIT Food Seedbed Programme among the other 12 teams at Lisbon Venture Summit. We are really proud of being awarded by such a big foundation EIT . 

           About EIT Food Seedbed Program  

EIT Food is Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted.

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